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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Remote Offshore Developers Over Local Hiring

When hiring remote developers from countries like India, one of the most intelligent benefits you witness is exposure to a diverse talent pool which often needs to be noticed when hiring talents locally.

Here is a breakdown of what it means for clients looking for skilled remote developers.

Skillsets Of Global Experience And Specializations
Indian remote developers, for example, consist of diverse expertise and specific programming languages, frameworks, and tools. There is a strong likelihood that you may not find such diverse skill sets when searching for the right talent for your project requirement in your local area. Therefore, what you achieve from hiring offshore developers is a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals with a diverse range of specializations.

Fresh And Unique Perspectives
Remote developers possess unique and profound experiences and cultural backgrounds which is one of the most demanded benefits of hiring remote offshore developers. When brought to the table, these attributes can translate into the most innovative solutions for your business needs. Besides, the approach of hiring such unique perspectives will help you with a richer understanding of your target market, when it comes to expanding it to different regions.

Cost-Effective Onboarding Of Talented Developers
Hiring remote developers from countries like India is an intelligent business strategy for companies in America. For example, it allows you to expand your budget more. Besides, it enables you to recruit more programmers depending on your project requirements. 

Conclusively, when you hire an offshore development team, it gives you exposure to a seasoned group of top talents diversely experienced, something you may not find by just hiring development teams locally.

Benefits Of Hiring Remote Developers – A Detailed Insight Into Efficiency & Productivity

Benefit #01 - Lower Labor Cost Leading To Reduced Overall Compensation

One of the benefits of hiring remote offshore developers from countries like India is witnessing reduced labor rates. If you compare developer salaries between India and the U.S., you'll find that developers in the U.S. earn more than their Indian counterparts. Therefore, hiring a remote developer from India could mean more savings on your project development costs. This also turns out to be more beneficial for your project requirement, if you hire a large team of programmers with specific developer skills, like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Cloud Security, Network Security, etc.

Visual representation of a comparison of average salaries of a software developer in the USA, India, Ukraine, Poland, and the UK.

Source: glassdoor.com

How do reduced labor costs in India mean great benefits for companies looking for skilled developers?

The benefits of hiring remote offshore developers are not just limited to the base salary difference. It also translates to reduced overall compensation. For example, the base salaries of Indian developers are relatively lower than their American counterparts. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the yearly developer salary in the US is roughly $132,270. India poses one of the top destinations with the promise of great outsourcing advantages with an average annual salary of a developer of $7,333.42, this is the 179% difference in the cost. So, the comparison translates to a considerable cost difference in onboarding the right talent for your project requirement. 

Also, if you compare the developers’ averages between India and other countries, you will find that hiring remote developers from India gives you better outsourcing advantages or remote work benefits. See the picture below.

A visual representation of a comparison of the per-hour cost of different developer types, including front-end, back-end, full-stack developers, and mobile developers, in a table format.

Source: tateeda.com

In terms of advantages, India’s comprehensive benefits packages, like health insurance, retirement contributions, and paid time off are less compared to those offered in the US. Even though some Indian companies may offer such benefits, they are not as extensive as what you find in a US company.

Lower compensation costs by hiring remote developers from India impact your project budget in terms of direct cost savings, as you will pay less per developer. It will also help you hire developers in India and gain a higher Return On Investment for your project.

Benefit #02 – Reduced Overhead Driving Lower Operational Costs

When you hire remote developers from India, the move translates to benefits for your business in terms of enabling you to save the costs of maintaining an in-house team, like equipment, office space, and employee benefits. 

How does reduced overhead mean benefits for companies in America in the context of hiring remote developers from India?

  • American companies that hire remote developers from India don’t have to allocate physical office space for remote programmers in India. As a result, they save a great deal of expenses from property rentals, utilities, furniture, and office supplies. 
  • An American company also precludes the necessity of providing equipment support, like computers, monitors, software licenses, etc. for remote programmers in India. These are the responsibilities that a development agency, like Ace Technologies in India maintains.
  • As an American company, you will experience less overhead costs as employee benefits packages in India are less extensive. 
  • The reduced overhead costs lead to several remote work benefits for your business. For example, it drives more budget to fund your project requirements. You gain better profit margins in terms of the larger portion of the revenue. And, it helps you with improved flexibility in your project budgeting.

Benefit# 03 - Access To A Larger Pool Of Talented Developers

Another important benefit of hiring remote offshore developers is access to a larger pool of talented developers, in today’s highly competitive business world, a company can ensure a positive headway in the competition if it has the backing of talented, skilled employees. India is a prominent destination in the world and boasts a large pool of talented developers possessing dimensional expertise in various technologies, such as software app development, mobile app or web development, etc. This is the country that entertains your project requirement with the best team of developers, potentially quicker than scouting the best talent locally.

How does access to a large talent pool in India mean benefits for companies looking to hire remote developers?

  • With a larger talent pool of developers to choose from, you can find the right talent for your project requirements. It is even more helpful if you are seeking niche skill sets.
  • The availability of a wide pool of talented programmers means acquiring qualified candidates quickly. As a result, you can rule out any possibility of delays in your project timeline.
  • A geographically diverse team of qualified developers gets you more innovative solutions and a competitive edge for your project. Moreover, the team can also bring innovative ideas to the table, helping you with creative problem-solving strategies. As a result, it solves your challenges for remote hiring based on your project requirements.
  • Accessing a larger pool of talented programmers also means finding skilled resources at a more competitive rate, resulting in great cost savings for your budget.

Benefit# 04 – Global Experience Enabling Smoother Collaboration

One of the benefits of hiring remote offshore developers from India is working with a team of professionals having rich experience working with global clients. Indian developers carry a profound experience of working with international clients. They have a broader understanding of global best practices and development standards. This means one of the greatest remote work benefits for American companies as they experience smoother collaboration with Indian developers.

How does the global experience of Indian developers pave smoother collaboration for overseas clients?

With Indian developers having extensive experience working with different global clients comes the benefit of working with experts who can understand your business needs perfectly. The proper solution to your project requirement will be facilitated to your satisfaction. Their deep understanding of getting to the bottom of your project requirements while helping you save time and money at the same time comes in handy for clients in America and other countries where the cost of hiring qualified resources is higher.
  • Savvy At SDLC Methodologies - Indian developers with rich experience working with international clients understand software development lifecycles or SDLC methodologies, such as Agile or Waterfall. Hence, when an American client hires remote developers from India, the client works with experienced developers requiring no lengthy explanations to understand your needs. This brings forth great time saving while ensuring every party involved in the project development is on the same page. 
  • Eliminates Communication Barrier - The Indian developers have profound insights into global business practices and communication styles. This helps American clients not to take the trouble of explaining everything from scratch regarding their project expectations, enabling hassle-free collaboration as a result. To say otherwise, these developers adapt to your approach quicker by understanding your expectations intuitively.
  • Flexible & Adaptable - Indian developers with experience working in offshore development teams can understand your specific challenges and coordination requirements. This means smoother remote collaboration for your business needs. Besides, they are also accustomed to working across different time zones. As a result, you will experience effective communication management and timely project deliverables, despite the time difference.

Benefits# 05 – Cultural Compatibility To Pave Every Company’s In-House Culture Integration

One of the most remarkable traits of developers in India is their strong work ethic and adaptability. Therefore, clients from countries like America and other nations gain the advantage of working with Indian professionals distinctly. To say otherwise, the cultural compatibility of Indian professionals enables them to successfully integrate into your existing business culture, promoting smoother collaboration.

How Hiring Remote Development Teams Provides Access to Specialized Skills Not Readily Available Locally

Hiring a remote development team from countries such as India is pronounced a strategic business decision for companies looking for specialized skills and experience. Let’s discuss how it helps and opens doors to businesses seeking top talent.

Access To Niche Technologies

In today’s vast technology industry, there is a higher chance that companies may not access some programming languages or cutting-edge frameworks in certain local areas. Under such circumstances, when they opt for a remote development team having diverse skills and cultural compatibility, it helps them work with qualified professionals for their project requirements.

Tap Into The Emerging Top Talents For Competitive Edge

The world of technology is always up and changing, with cutting-edge innovations happening all the time. To stay ahead of the curve, collaborate with remote offshore development teams from regions famous for cultivating talent commensurate with emerging technologies. As a result, businesses can gain a competitive edge by integrating these fresh talents into their projects before local talent comes into mainstream popularity.

Experience In Niche Industries

There is a strong possibility that you may not find developers with specialized development skills suitable for your project requirements. For example, a company operating in the Fintech Industry may not find the right talents with comprehensive knowledge of financial regulations and security protocols. For such companies, working with offshore teams in locations with a strong fintech presence will help them access a diverse pool of professionals with niche expertise.

Conclusively, working with remote development teams helps you rule out geographical barriers. You can find the skills and experiences related to your business needs easily. Hiring remote developers is one of the best strategies to push forward your project backed by top talents, even in niche areas.


When you hire remote developers from countries like India, one of the greatest outsourcing advantages it offers to your business is the phenomenal experience of working with international clients. This attribute enables these Indian professionals to adapt to your project requirements without having to go through lengthy explanations from you.

Business clients from the US and other countries who prefer qualified professionals at a competitive rate over the expensive resources in other nations choose to hire remote Indian developers for a reason. As outlined before, their profound experience of working with global clients enables them to get to the bottom of your project needs quickly. Moreover, they can fit into the culture of your workforce ecosystem and ensure stipulated deliverables despite the time difference.

Hire Ace Technologies for comprehensive remote assistance for your project requirements. 
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