Cloud Security Consultant with 14 years of experience in IT, certified in GCP and Terraform. Specializes in cloud security, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Git, and MS SQL Server admin. Proficient in CSPM tools like Dome9-Cloudguard and Orca Security.


Cloud & Cyber Security Architect

BharatPe | Oct  2023- Present
  1. Led the implementation of ORCA Cloud Security CNAPP and SentinelOne XDR Endpoint Security tools to enhance cyber defenses in GCP and AWS environments.
  2. Collaborated closely with DevOps and Cloud Development teams to design and implement the Secure Development and Security Lifecycle (SDSLC).
  3. Ensured adherence to frameworks such as NIST, ISO27001, and CIS benchmarks for effective solution design and threat modeling.
  4. Fortified BharatPe's cybersecurity layers through robust implementation and configuration of security tools and practices

GCP Architect

Wipro | Oct  2021- Oct 2023
  1. Expertise in Terraform for architecting GCP infrastructure and implementing CI/CD pipelines using GitLab.
  2. Ensure compliance by refactoring IAAS (Infrastructure as Code) code to meet organizational standards.
  3. Proficient in GCP native tools for managing configurations and resolving security issues using Security Command Center.
  4. Deploy microservices onto Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) while aligning solutions with cyber security frameworks such as NIST, ISO27001, and CIS benchmarks.
  5. Strengthened security posture through threat modeling using the SCF (Secure Cloud Framework).
  6. Leveraged Dome9 CloudGuard CSPM for enhanced security controls in public cloud environments

Cloud Software developer / Consultant

Ericsson Global Services | Oct  2019- Oct 2021
  1. Implement service improvements periodically to reduce costs and streamline operations.
  2. Capture the entire infrastructure as code using Terraform scripts for provisioning based on user requests.
  3. Write and manage Helm deployments for managing applications on Kubernetes.
  4. Configure Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters (GKE), and enable autoscaling features.
  5. Monitor servers and VMs using Prometheus and Grafana for proactive performance management.
  6. Proficient in Google Cloud Platform services such as Compute Engine (GCE), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Cloud Storage (GCS), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and managed database services.
  7. Deploy and implement Google Cloud solutions tailored to project requirements.
  8. Configure continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines through Google Cloud Build for automated software delivery

System Architect

Various Projects | Mar  2008- Mar 2021
  1. Extensive expertise in SQL Server administration, encompassing hardware dimensioning and capacity planning.
  2. Optimized system performance and resolved critical issues across diverse environments such as Production, Test, Dev, and UAT.
  3. Proficient in database encryption, performance tuning, and disaster recovery planning for databases exceeding 100TB in size.
  4. Led technical activities and implemented process improvements to enhance service delivery efficiency.
  5. Collaborated cross-functionally to ensure seamless operations and maintain system integrity.
  6. Previous roles at Ericsson and Pearl Honda highlight hands-on experience in SQL Server monitoring, optimization, and hardware management.
  7. Demonstrated adeptness in ensuring performance excellence and system integrity in dynamic operational environments
"Gaurav Kaushik - Cloud Security Consultant with 14 years of experience in GCP and Terraform Associa


Cloud Security Consultant

Experience: 14 Years


GCP Dome9-Cloudguard Orca Security Terraform Kubernetes Git Docker CI/CD GIT Lab Prometheus Grafana GCP Operation Suite Helm MS SQL Server 2008R2/12/14 Windows Server 2008/12 Linux ITSM JIRA


Bachelor of Technology (PDMCE) - 2008


  • Google Cloud Platform Cloud Enginner
  • Google Cloud Platform Professional Security Architect
  • Google Cloud Platform Professional Cloud Architect
  • Terraform Associate - Hashicorp