Cloud Security Architect with 13 years of expertise in designing secure architectures. Proficient in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IAM, data encryption, incident response, compliance (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR), threat modeling, DevSecOps, and automation (Python, Bash).


Cloud Security Architect

Fidelity International | Oct  2022- Oct 2024
  1. Conducted security assessments of AWS and Azure cloud environments, recommending compliance solutions.
  2. Integrated cloud platforms with CSPM, CASB, SIEM (Sentinel), and vulnerability management tools.
  3. Implemented network security measures, Kubernetes/container security (Cilium, Calico), and DevSecOps practices.
  4. Developed standardized cloud service guidance and security policies.
  5. Delivered comprehensive cloud security training for internal teams and clients, promoting best practices adoption.

Manager-Cloud Security

PWC | Feb  2022- Feb 2022
  1. Conducted cloud network security assessments for Azure and GCP migrations, focusing on application security.
  2. Enhanced assessment processes and automation to streamline security evaluations.
  3. Designed project plans and client use case matrices for implementing Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions.
  4. Utilized Prisma Cloud CSPM tool for comprehensive security assessments of cloud environments.
  5. Conducted proof of concept (POC) exercises on CASB implementations for SaaS applications, including API, forward proxy, and reverse proxy configurations.

Lead Solution Advisor - Cloud Security

Deloitte USI | Nov  2020- Nov 2022
  1. Conducted IAM (Identity and Access Management) assessments across AWS, Azure, and GCP environments using Prisma Cloud and CloudGuard Dome9.
  2. Developed custom RQL queries on Prisma Cloud and GSL queries on CloudGuard Dome9 to enhance security assessments.
  3. Recommended Palo Alto firewalls, microsegmentation strategies, and managed network firewall rules at US Bank during cloud network security assessments.
  4. Led project planning, effort estimation, and cloud cost estimation activities.
  5. Automated remediation processes on Azure Cloud services using CI/CD pipelines, PowerShell, and Azure DevOps at Humana Health Insurance.

Technical Lead - Cloud

Various Projects | Mar  2011- Mar 2020
  1. Conducted AWS Application Development for AS application migration Proof of Concept (POC) at Nordic Healthcare.
  2. Demonstrated proficiency in various AWS services including EC2, IAM, VPC, S3, Glacier, EBS, EFS, Lambda, CloudFormation, CodePipeline, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, Route 53, ACM, DynamoDB, and SQS.
  3. Expertise in Cloud Architecture, security practices, and AWS monitoring tools like CloudWatch and CloudTrail.
  4. Implemented infrastructure as code using CloudFormation and Terraform for POC setups.
  5. Developed and maintained Windows applications using technologies such as C#, .NET, ASP.NET, and SQL Server. Additionally, worked on HTTP REST APIs with C# and SQL add-ins for Micro Focus.
Sahil - Cloud Security Architect with 13 years of experience in designing secure cloud architectures


Cloud Security Architect

Experience: 10 Years


AWS/Azure/GCP DevSecOps/Azure DevOps Kubernetes/Container Security Vulnerability Management Governance Prism cloud Dome9 InsightCloudSec


Bachelors of Technology (Kurukshetra University) - 2010


  • Certification of Cloud Security Knowledge
  • AWS Certified Solution Architect
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate (AZ-500)
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate