Abhishek Pandey


Cloud Security Consultant with 7+ years of experience. Specialising in AWS and Azure aligning operations with compliance standards like CIS, ISO 27001, and NIST. Proficient in Terraform, Azure DevOps, and CSPM tools like Wiz and Rapid7.I also bring expertise in KQL, Rego, and Python.


Senior Consultant

EY GDS India | Jul  2021- Present
  1. Developed Terraform scripts for AWS/Azure resource deployment with CIS security guardrails and uploaded them on GitHub.
  2. Created Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for an AI chatbot using Microsoft Co-pilot Studio and Power Platform.
  3. Implemented auto-remediation on Azure Cloud using Python in Function App and Logic App.
  4. Conducted comprehensive audits for CIS, NIST 800-53 Rev. 4, and O365, significantly improving compliance scores.
  5. Managed Microsoft Entra ID and developed WIZ CSPM detection rules.
  6. Deployed secure applications using Azure Kubernetes Service.
  7. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to integrate robust security controls into cloud-based services.


HCL Technologies | Sep  2020- Sep 2021
  1. Managed and optimized AWS and Azure cloud infrastructures, including IaaS components, storage, and network security, ensuring robust operation and security.
  2. Implemented advanced identity and access management with Azure AD and enforced security policies.
  3. Configured and monitored comprehensive security services on both AWS and Azure.
  4. Performed disaster recovery and managed incidents with proactive monitoring tools.
  5. Enhanced data protection with encryption and key management solutions.
  6. Identified and mitigated security vulnerabilities and threats.

Associate Consultant

Atos | Nov  2019- Nov 2020
  1. Configured and meticulously managed Windows servers on both AWS and Azure platforms, prioritizing high availability and system integrity.
  2. Strategically optimized resource allocation by employing VM resizing techniques and expanding storage capacity as needed.
  3. Streamlined instance provisioning processes through the proficient utilization of AMIs and snapshots, ensuring swift deployment.
  4. Implemented robust CloudWatch monitoring systems complete with alarms and SNS notifications to proactively manage system health and performance.
  5. Crafted tailored S3 storage solutions, incorporating lifecycle rules and access policies to optimize data management and security.
  6. Administered AWS access controls with precision and adeptly resolved any performance-related issues that arose.
  7. Maintained uninterrupted connectivity and service continuity, fostering a seamless user experience.

Senior Systems Engineer

Various Projects | Dec  2016- Dec 2019
  1. Supported AWS operations, configuring services such as EC2, S3, and VPC to meet specific requirements.
  2. Ensured robust security measures and optimized performance for all AWS services implemented.
  3. Provided comprehensive technical support for Windows environments, managing email systems and Active Directory with precision.
  4. Implemented stringent file system security measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure compliance.
  5. Resolved user access issues promptly and efficiently, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.
  6. Conducted proactive system monitoring to maintain high availability and prevent potential disruptions.
Abhishek Pandey - Cloud Security Consultant

Abhishek Pandey

Cloud Security Consultant

Experience: 7 Years


AWS Azure GCP Terraform Azure DevOps KQL Rego Azure CLI Python Wiz Rapid7 Defender for Cloud


Bachelor of Technology (AKTU) - 2016


  • AWS Certified Security Specialty
  • Microsoft Azure SC-200
  • GCP Associate Cloud Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Aviatrix Certified - Multi-Cloud Network Associate
  • Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals