Vivek Kumar Singh


Full Stack Lead Python Developer with 9 years of expertise in Python, Java, JavaScript, Spring Cloud, ELK, Microservices architecture, Azure and database management.


Lead Data Engineer

Client: US Marketing Agency | May  2022- Present
  • Built data pipelines (AWS, Python) for ingestion, staging, processing, and visualization.
  • Led UI portal development (REACT, Python, Flask) for data pipeline management.
  • Developed Microservices (Spring Boot) and implemented an end-to-end DevOps pipeline (GitLab, AWS ECR, ECS).
Environment: Python, Flask, Micro services, spring boot, React.js, GitLab, AWS SQS, S3, Lambda Elastic Container Registry and Elastic Container

Lead Full Stack developer

Client: Hospitals and Health Care | May  2018- May 2022
  • Built a FHIR Server with MuleSoft interoperability and implemented OAuth2 security using Spring technologies.
  • Created a developer platform for building SMART on FHIR applications, with RESTful APIs and Angular6 frontend.
  • Developed authentication microservices and implemented an end-to-end DevOps pipeline using Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Sonar.
Environment: FHIR, Micro services, Spring OAuth, Spring Data JPA and Spring Security, Angular.js, Azure Kubernetes, Terraform, Groovy, Oracle DB

Project Engineer

Client: Biggest Telecommunication MNC | Apr  2014- Apr 2018
  • Developed a log and data analysis tool using Java-Swing and Vaadin Framework for web-based UI.
  • Developed a web app for customers to secure software products.
  • Implemented automation API with fail-over using mod-proxy.
Environment: Java, Vaadin(UI), Python, Spring-MVC, Spring JDBC, NodeJS, JBoss, Apache, Hadoop, MapReduce, Cassandra, MySQL
Vivek Kumar Singh - Full Stack Lead Developer with 9+ years of experience in Python.

Vivek Kumar Singh

Lead Python Developer

Experience: 9 Years


Python Java React Angular Spring Boot Azure AWS Kafka Confluence Jenkins GitHub Bitbucket Postgres Oracle Cassandra


Bachelor of Technology, Biotechnology (Amity University) - 2013