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Job Description

API Developer – Offshore

Must be heavy AWS… with some experience working with Glue.

POD Team will carry out the below activities as part of their assignment:

•  Build secure, high performance APIs on EDP data stores, such as such as AWS RedShift, RDS/Aurora/PostGres, DynamoDB, based on planned work in Program Increment (PI)

•  Build APIs based on RESt, SOAP protocols using AWS services such as AppSync/GraphQL, lambdas, API gateways etc. and NodeJs, Typescript and Python for scripting

•  Use optimized queries from data stores and recommend changes to data stores as required

•  Use caching technologies as appropriate for performance and response times

•  Leverage existing EDP development methodology to design,  build and deploy the application

•  Create automated testing scripts to run regression, and system tests. [Selenium, Jmeter]

•  Create performance testing scripts to run performance tests

•  Participate in PI planning sessions to come up with stories based on the epics/features prioritized by Product Owners

•  Estimate, build, and analyze requirements for projects, as needed

•  Leverage a Scrum/Kanban board to manage deliverables and priorities