Mulesoft developer

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Job Description

JOB ROLE :- MuleSoft Integration Consultant


 Because of the acquisition, they are spinning off systems from the old company. Lots
of configuration changes, data migration, integration, etc. 
 They have a fairly large Oracle instance (Oracle EBS on Azure). 
 8-10 years IT experience.
 5-7 years of MuleSoft experience. 
 Experience in Mule Integrations and Mule API Management.
 Experience with Any point Runtime Manager and Enterprise release capabilities
 Experience in designing and developing MuleSoft API
 Work experience of Mule integration with Oracle systems.
 Experience in creating custom Mule connector.
 Good hands-on experience on API Manager, Runtime Manager, RAML, Exchange,
Design Center.
 Good understanding of NFRs – Performance, Security, High Availability as well as Mule

 Experience with MuleSoft connectors.
 Aware of end-to-end CI/CD process and dev-ops tools for deploying Mule APIs.
 Collaboration with integration teams
 Documentation of API contracts
 MCPA (MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect) and MCIA (MuleSoft Certified
Integration Architect) certification will be an added advantage.
 Understanding of best practices for using MFT.
 Should know Managed file transfer (MFT) to fit in the integration needs