Network Engineer/Admin

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Job Description

Network/Wireless Migration Engineer (1)

You must provide your own laptop & internet connection.

INDIA - 2.30pm IST to 11.30pm IST = 4am CST to 1.00pm CST (USA)


The client is upgrading its Network infrastructure and replacing the Out of support/ End Of Life

hardware (Network Switches).The project is already in flight.  The candidate should essentially have

working experience on Meraki Dashboard and Wireless Access Point (WAP) configurations.

Additionally, they should be knowledgeable with Cisco switch migration from old models to new.

*** Full time. Weekends/ Off hours anticipated during the cutover window as defined by the

customer during the project ***


1. Must have 5+yrs of Network & Wireless Migration actives for ongoing steady state services to

client such as{ Cisco Catalyst L3/ L2 switch refresh, Cisco Meraki APs refresh - Meraki

Dashboard and Wireless Access Point (WAP)}

a. Initial access and basic setup- Connect switch and setup basic configurations like

setting up hostname, IP Address, management IPs, enable SSH, set passwords for

different privilege levels.

i. Core Switches – Document current configuration, routing table, active

VLANs and interfaces, MAC table, ACLS for reference,

ii. Edge Switches – Document current configuration, active VLANs and

interfaces, MAC table, ACL, for reference,

b. Pre-configure switch or switch stack according to standard switch templates and

security hardening standards.

c. Upgrade new switch firmware as needed and enable applicable licenses.

d. Create a test plan for each switch/stack.

e. Identify devices that can take advantage of the mgig ports and connect according,

mostly access points. 

2. Work with local “smart hands” team members as they remove existing switches from rack and

Rack/Stack new switches and ensure physical setup of network switches.

3. Must have prior experience configuring TACASC/ISE: Migrate old switches to the new 9200

switches as per the cutover window defined by the Client.

4. Must have prior experience Testing and Verification- Test and verify the configuration using

relevant commands or available tools.

5. Should have experience pre-migration activities: Network engineer will study the existing

logical network design at each of the in- scope locations (refer Exhibit C) for the existing port

mapping, uplinks, VLANs, security parameters and dependencies if any, and prepare migration

plan and strategy.