QA Analyst/Tester

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Job Description

The automation engineer will be responsible for developing and maintaining technical process automation tools, and business automation tools, and developing solutions to support our client's platform. Besides writing automated tests, Test Automation Engineers can do exploratory testing when they need to understand or test how functionality manifests itself to the customer. Due to the complexity of this role, we are looking for an experienced candidate to be accountable for the quality life cycle, providing large-scale test coverage and cutting-edge solutions.


• Responsible for repeatable test automation at all three levels of the Agile Test Pyramid.
• Author the Test Suite - test scenarios and test cases traceable to requirements to validate the application deliverables.
• Proficient in developing test automation scripts with TDD/BDD methodology.
• Work with internal and external customers to analyze, understand, and document their automation test requirements.
• Develop, produce, and maintain software test plans, processes, and technical documentation.
• Analyze and assist in maintaining and improving current business and technical processes.
• Use industry knowledge and experience to effectively assist with troubleshooting as needed.
• Communicate and document testing status and any discovered issues and risks.
• Review and analyze requirements, specifications, and technical design documents, providing timely feedback.
• Develop detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured test plans and test cases.
• Prioritize and plan testing activities.
• Play the role of test engineer: Design, develop, and execute automated tests.
• Identify and report issues found, then verify that issues are resolved.
• Create clear, concise, detailed project artifacts that meet the standards of the testing processes.
• Own the testing strategy for existing and new products.
• Perform multiple types of black-box, white-box, and grey-box testing including functional, system, end-to-end, data integrity, smoke, regression, and ad hoc testing
• Estimate, prioritize, plan, and coordinate testing activities.
• Work closely with product teams to ensure alignment.
• Submit comprehensive defects using our bug-tracking system.
• Regress and verify defects as needed, record test results, and provide metrics.
• Test software applications at all points in the life cycle on multiple environments.
• Continuously analyze the testing strategy to maximize its effectiveness pragmatically.
• Assist with designing and maintaining quality system policies and procedures.
• Experience with Jira( defect tracking and task creation tool) & X-ray.

Requried Skills

5- 7 years of experience in the field or a related area.

• Strong experience with modern languages such as JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python etc.
• Strong experience with open-source test frameworks including Selenium, Katalon studio.
• Setting up selenium test environments such as selenium web driver, Maven integration, TestNG, Java, and Jenkins integration.
• The selenium tester must create test cases with selenium web driver commands and element locators and also inspect elements.
• The tester must escalate test cases using JUnit/ TestNG annotations and Java programming.
• The selenium tester must also maintain automation resources.
• The tester must set up a selenium environment for preparing scripts, selecting language, and preparing tool.
• Strong experience with continuous integrations tools like Jenkins, Bit bucket GitHub Actions, etc.
• Experience with AWS, Docker, Swagger, RESTAPI’s.
• Experience with Agile Scrum and other Agile methodologies.
• Excellent analytical skills to work with developers for troubleshooting and peer review. Effective written and verbal communication skills ideal candidate will be comfortable with shaping testing culture and socializing best practices.
• Working knowledge of Quality testing and business process analysis, concepts, practices, and procedures in the Agile / DevOps environment. Ability to demonstrate a certain
• degree of creativity combined with analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
• Proven ability to collaborate with technical peers and business partners.
• Capable of working independently and as part of a team. May assist and guide junior staff as necessary.
• Testing experience in SaaS environment is a plus.
• Strong ability to create and design test automation and test infrastructure.
• Experience in HTML/JavaScript development is required.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Strong experience with a code-based test automation suite such as Selenium is required.
• Proven ability to write automated test scripts to verify data structures, data formats, and data values.
• Experience with Jenkins or similar build/deployment automation tools.