Data Analyst

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Job Description

 Data Analyst/ AI Engineer with 2+ years Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and AI experience.

Data Analysis, Machine learning, and AI experience is required!



·        The role will be to work as part of a team to impact real world problems by delivering technical AI work. To be successful in this role you will need to be passionate about Data & AI, a continuous learner, and a strong team player.

·        Produce innovative solutions for clients driven by exploratory data analysis from complex and high-dimensional datasets, both structured and unstructured, applying advanced statistical, machine-learning and AI techniques.

·        Use a flexible, analytical approach to design, develop, and evaluate predictive models and advanced algorithms that lead to optimal value extraction from the data.

· Communicate insights.


·        Experience with applying Machine Learning, analysis, and modeling of large scale and complex data sets.

·        skilled in statistical analysis, quantitative analytics, forecasting/predictive analytics, simulation, and optimization algorithms.

·        Proficient in one or more statistical modeling tools and Cognitive analytics like text analytics, image recognition, video analytics etc.- proficient in model identification by use case/industry and knowledge of applying models to enterprise use cases.

·        Proficient with two or more languages, such as Python, PySpark, R, SQL, etc. and tools like Databricks, Azure ML and Azure Cognitive Services

·        Good communication and presentation skills. Able to explain complex analytical methodologies and concepts in non-technical language to audiences at multiple skill levels.

    Bonus Skill:

Preference for prior experience working with Azure or cloud-based technologies such as AWS or GCP but not required.