Data Scientist

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Data Scientist

Raleigh, North Carolina -Onsite 

~You are a true data scientist.
~2 to 3+ years of HANDS ON INDUSTRY experience in GenAI.
~Masters degree in Computer Science, Data Science, ECT. Sorry no engineering degrees
~ NLP tasks like Relation extraction, Entity recognition and resolution, Topic modeling, Coreference resolution, Summarization, Semantic Similarity.
~Built RAG framework for retrieving data from the database for other downstream tasks.
~Skills: Apache Spark • Large Language Models (LLM) • Information Retrieval • Prompt Engineering • Semantic Search • Transformers • Databrick Products • Python (STRONG) • SQL • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
~Be a natural problem solver, able to take a lead in collaborating to resolve issues
~Proficiency in IDE debugging : VSCODE and PYCHARM