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Job Description

DevOps Engineer


  • We are looking for an experienced Medium Level Cloud DevOps Engineer to join the United Digital Customer Mobile App Channel. In this position, you will be a cloud Dev Ops Engineer for United Customer Mobile App API journey to the cloud. Keen attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and validated knowledge of secure DevOps is crucial. This role reports to United Customer Mobile App Development Team Tech lead.


  • BS/BA in Information Technology, engineering, software engineering, related field or equivalent work experience required.
  • 4+ years combined experience in DevOps and operations/or relevant in IT
  • Cloud Infrastructure as Code, Automated Deployment Pipelines, Code Version Control, Infrastructure provisioning
  • Docker Containerization and hosting (building images, hosting in scalable cloud platforms such as Kubernetes, AWS EKS or ECS Fargate)
  • .NET Core, Linux, Windows, Database SQL (MS SQL) or NoSQL technologies in the cloud
  • CI/CD tools (CloudFormation, GitActions, GitHub, Terraform, TeamCity/Jenkins, Harness, Artifactory)
  • Automated Code Scanning (SaaS and DaaS, Wiz, Veracode)
  • Scripting languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, Shell, PowerShell, .NET
  • High volume logging solutions (OpenSearch, Kafka, fluentbit/FluentD)
  • Manage monitoring of overall application availability, latency and system health
  • Determine alert standards for production environments and implement them
  • Work with the development team and management to ensure high availability
  • Experience in automated build pipeline, and continuous integration. Source control, branching, & merging: git/svn/etc (Repository Management)
  • Supporting 24/7 high volume business critical infrastructure
  • Integrity and Trust- Involves being widely trusted, being seen as a direct, truthful individual, can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner, keeps confidences, admits mistakes, and doesnt misrepresent him/herself for personal gain.
  • Teamwork- Works well in a collaborative setting, volunteering for and completing assignments, acting as a positive team member by contributing to discussions, developing and maintaining relations.


  • DevOps experience in AWS is a plus

Experience with AWS Cloud Formation, GitHub Actions, AWS Lamba functions are preferred