IBM i2

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Job Description

As400 Developer with Healthcare Insurance Claims Adjudication experience

Top Skills' Details

1. AS/400
2. COBOL programming
3. Healthcare Expertise, particulary on the payer side. Some sample smart questions to determine their level of knowledge include: what is a denial, what are reasons a payer would deny a claim, what is a deductible, How do insurance providers manage the process of claims and reimbursements, how do claims get submitted to a payer

Secondary Skills - Nice to Haves

Job Description

** Must be able to pass a hair follicle drug screen that covers the last 6 months. **

Client has an IBM iSeries AS/400 that runs mission a critical app which is their drug claims adjudication system. It runs 24/7 and it cannot be down because pharmacies are open all night so they have to be open all night to support them and process drugs. It just runs that one application. It’s a purchased application from Optum RX so they don’t know much about it. One of the COBOL programmers working on that AS/400 left Client , and Client  is looking for an immediate backfill with an onsite resource for a 6 month+ contract to hire.

This person is just going to be responsible for the applications side and not systems administration. This person should be familiar with COBOL programming for an AS/400. They have a separate team that does administration. They are currently on Version 7.3.