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Job Description

Looking for an IV&V contractor to perform IV&V activities related to three  Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL) Projects which are scheduled to commence within a few months of one another. 

5 years experience providing IV&V services to state entities, including the following tasks:

a.       Developing IV&V monthly activity reports;

b.       Conducting risk and issue list reviews;

c.       Performing traceability matrix analysis;

d.       Performing system requirements evaluation;

e.       Conducting system test assessment and verification; and

f.         Developing IV&V task reports.

2 years experience working in a technical capacity on IT projects similar in size and scope to the DCC Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) (CLEATS, BI/DW, LIMS).

Working knowledge of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Std. 1012 (System and Software Verification and Validation).

Experience with the Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL), including requirements evaluation, vendor contract review, and PAL project reports. Include details on the PAL stages and how a project should handle changes to requirements during project execution.

Experience conducting IV&V on a project(s) that includes GIS and/or cloud components for government entities