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6 months (Only USC)

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Lemont, IL


We need consultant on our W2 here.





Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer


Skills/ Must Haves: 

* 5+ years of professional experience
* 3+ current years consecutively of web application development with RoR version 4 or higher
* advanced experience with JavaScript, HTML and CSS
* experience with relational databases Oracle and SQL Server
* experience developing web applications using the LAMP stack

Nice to Have Skills:
* experience with BIRT
* experience with ExtJS and/or React


Extra Notes:

* the goal is to reduce a backlog of enhancements for several existing applications related to nuclear waste and radiological safety
* this engagement will backfill and free up other resources to work on other critical projects

Submittal Template:

  • Full Name as it appears on ID:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Location:
  • Work Authorization Status:
  • Relocation (if applicable):
  • Rate (W2/C2C/IC2C):
  • Photo ID Check:
  • Resume Check (less than 4 pages no bolding):
  • Signed Contract (must be on company letterhead, state hourly rate agreed upon by your organization and contractor you are employing, and state if contractor is on W2, C2C, or IC2C):
  • Candidate Details (description of how candidate meets the skills must haves listed above. No copy and pasting from resume): 

Client is seeking a Level IV software engineer skilled Ruby on Rails development. Candidate will be skilled in Ruby on Rails development and possess extensive solution development knowledge with the ability to work on a defined set of business systems. The goal is to reduce a backlog of enhancements for several existing applications related to nuclear waste and radiological safety. This engagement will backfill and free up other resources to work on other critical projects.

The Level IV contractor will:

Conduct group discussions with key players.

Work with the product teams to help determine requirements and understand the design of each product.

Refactor, build, and test each product.

Design, build, and test any integrations for each product.

Complete all required Argonne training.

Technical Direction of Work:

Report to the Enterprise Software Solution’s Department Manager within Business & Information Services.

Task and Time Reporting:

The project managers measure work performed by the contractor on a task basis. The tasks typically represent 20 to 80 hours of effort with performance being measured at the completion of each of the assigned tasks. Hours will be recorded on a bi-weekly time sheet; progress against planned tasks will be reported weekly.

Computer Protection Program:

The contractor shall adhere to all policies and procedures of the ANL Computer Protection Program, must not bypass any procedures established to protect data, applications, hardware, or communications at ANL, must maintain a work environment that will satisfy audit, privacy, and protection requirements, and must report any findings of inadequacies to the technical contact and the BIS Computer Protection Program Representative.


Must be a US Citizen

Considerable knowledge of web application development with at least 3 years of solid recent experience with Ruby on Rails version 4 or higher.

Considerable knowledge and experience in web development – HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Considerable experience with relational database management systems (Oracle and SQL Server).

Considerable experience developing web applications using LAMP stack.

Experience with BIRT is desirable.

Experience with ExtJS, React or similar JavaScript framework is highly desirable.

Excellent communication and technical documentation skills.

Proven skills in web user interface design.

Able to work both independently and as a contributing member of a small technical team.

Able to effectively interact with user organizations to derive system requirements and design solutions.

Government-Furnished Property:

Client will supply a government-furnished laptop, PIV Card, and PIV Card reader.

Security Requirements:

The Cyber Security Program Office follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework. All subcontracts, where applicable, will work within the same requirements as though the subcontractor was part of the Laboratory’s cyber program.

Cyber Security Program requires that all persons who access sensitive data or applications must learn and adhere to protection requirements of the data or application, must not bypass procedures established to protect data and applications, and must immediately report any findings of inadequacies in protection procedures to the Cyber Security Program Office (cyber@anl.gov).

In cases where staffing is required, vetting of identity (NIST 800-63 Identity Assurance Level 3) and strong authentication (NIST 800-63 Authentication Assurance Level 3) will be required. Client uses the HSPD-12 smart card for staff relationships that last longer than 6 months.

Client may provide relevant information requested from the vendor or remote access as required to gather information. U.S. citizenship will be required for any access to systems or data.

The manager of the contract and the Cyber Security Program Office must approve authorization for remote work. Place of Performance: Work will be performed remotely, and team communication will be done through Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook. Additional Requirements:

Adherence to team working agreements.

Compliance with departmental and sectional policies.