Scrum Master

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Job Description

Title : Scrum Master

Required Skills:

  • 4 Years - Strong Communication Skills: An Agile BA needs to communicate with nearly everyone and consider everybody’s needs and concerns. At the same time, they should ensure a shared understanding of the product vision and requirements.
  • 5 Years - Flexibility and Adaptability - As Agile teams are cross-functional and self-organizing; an Agile BA must learn to continuously self-reflect and think how best they can contribute to the team. They should be able to easily adapt to new and changing requirements by doing detailed analysis beforehand.
  • 5 Years - Knowledge of Agile Tools and Techniques - Agile tools and techniques make the team more effective. They help to ease backlog management, provide-time collaboration, make estimates and reports for sprints and releases. A good grasp of the different tools and techniques available for Agile is a crucial skill in order to become an Agile BA.
  • 5 Years - Facilitation skills - The ability to effectively facilitate meetings and scrum ceremonies is vital. Scrum masters ensure these events run smoothly and focus on the intended outcomes.
  • 4 Years - Technical knowledge - While not mandatory, having a technical background can be beneficial, especially when working with development teams. It allows scrum masters to better understand the technical challenges faced by the team
  • 4 Years - Scrum Framework - SME in agile/ scrum frameworks and tools.
  • 4 Years - User Story Writing
  • 4 Years - Business Process Flows
  • 4 Years - Test Case Development and UAT
  • 2 Years - Active CSM (Certified Scrum Master).