Ankur Bora


Workday HCM Consultant with 10+ years in Workday and data analytics, specializing in HCM, payroll, and benefits data conversion using tools like SnapLogic, CloverDX, EIB, and iLoads. Experienced in full go-live implementations and client-facing roles.


Senior Workday Consultant

Huron Consulting Group | Jul  2022- Present
  1. Executed foundation and configuration migrations as a Workday HCM Consultant.
  2. Configured Clover DX and validated data workbooks to optimize the Workday HCM module.
  3. Enhanced processes such as payroll, benefits, and workforce management for efficient HR operations.
  4. Meticulously managed error triage and participated in client calls with US team members to resolve data load errors.
  5. Created periodic tenant exports and implementation accounts as part of ongoing operations.
  6. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to integrate the Workday HCM module seamlessly.
  7. Provided expert guidance on best practices to enhance system performance and user experience.
  8. Gathered requirements from stakeholders and designed tailored solutions to meet client needs.
  9. Implemented configurations and enhancements to align with client-specific requirements and improve functionality.

Senior Workday Functional Consultant

Mercer | Mar  2016- Mar 2022
  1. Presented comprehensive Workday HCM solutions to clients, emphasizing platform capabilities and benefits.
  2. Configured pipelines and executed foundation setups to establish robust and scalable HR infrastructures.
  3. Utilized EIBs (Enterprise Interface Builder) and Advanced Loads for data loads, ensuring customization of external Business Processes to meet client-specific requirements.
  4. Organized and led client meetings to discuss project updates, address concerns, and provide expert insights on optimizing Workday HCM functionalities.
  5. Validated data accuracy and integrity before loading into the system.
  6. Created EIBs for streamlined data transfer and managed the end-to-end data loading process.

Research Associate

Positive Moves | Mar  2015- Mar 2016
  1. Conducted industrial mapping, ad hoc research for mergers and acquisitions, news gathering, and business landscape benchmarking.
  2. Interacted directly with clients to understand requirements and provide updates.
  3. Followed up on assignments and queries promptly to ensure timely delivery.
  4. Gathered and analyzed relevant information to support strategic decision-making.
  5. Provided comprehensive reports and insights based on research findings.

Research Analyst

Egon Zehnder | Oct  2013- Oct 2015
  1. Created company reports and mapping exercises for internal and external stakeholders.
  2. Developed global newsletters to disseminate important updates and insights.
  3. Collaborated closely with onshore stakeholders and partners in the US.
  4. Ensured alignment of deliverables with client expectations and project goals.
  5. Maintained effective communication channels to facilitate project progress and updates.
"Ankur Bora - Workday HCM Consultant with 10 years of experience in Workday and data analytics,

Ankur Bora

Workday HCM Consultant

Experience: 10 Years


Workday HCM payroll benefits workforce management SnapLogic Clover DX EIB IBM SPSS Qualtrics Power BI Tableau and Zoho Reports


Bachelor of Technology (Gurgaon Institute Of Technology and Management) - 2012