Mukesh Pal


Senior Salesforce Consultant with 8+ years specializing in Force.com platform for Salesforce CRM. Skilled in solution design, app development, integration, Apex, SOQL, APIs, and Salesforce administration. Proficient in MVC architecture, SDLC stages, agile methodologies, code review, and data migration using Ant script, Jenkins, and GitHub.


Senior Analyst II

DXC Technology | Oct  2021- Present
  1. Implemented and utilized Field Service Lightning and Service Cloud features extensively, focusing on application design and integration with enterprise systems.
  2. Integrated Salesforce with enterprise systems using Rest API, Edison, and third-party platforms such as Azure and SAP to enhance functionality and data flow.
  3. Proficient in Salesforce customization, including creation of custom objects, fields, workflows, and automation using Process Builder rules.
  4. Developed Lightning Web Components, Apex classes, and Triggers to extend Salesforce functionality and meet specific business requirements.
  5. Demonstrated leadership skills by leading teams, conducting code reviews, and managing the deployment lifecycle to ensure high-quality deliverables.
  6. Facilitated effective project coordination and stakeholder communication through regular scrum calls and project updates.
  7. Leveraged expertise in Salesforce platform to design scalable solutions that optimize business processes and enhance user experience.
  8. Provided technical guidance and mentorship to team members, fostering skill development and knowledge sharing within the organization.
  9. Ensured compliance with best practices and industry standards in Salesforce development and integration, maintaining system integrity and performance.
  10. Contributed to continuous improvement initiatives by identifying opportunities for automation, process enhancement, and system optimization within Salesforce environment.

Senior Software Engineer

Damco Solutions Inc. | Feb  2021- Feb 2021
  1. Proficient in utilizing Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) functionality to streamline quote-to-cash processes.
  2. Collaborate effectively with business users to gather requirements and configure product bundles, pricing rules, and discounts within Salesforce CPQ.
  3. Coordinate with cross-functional teams for customer agreements, purchase orders, and administrative tasks related to Salesforce CPQ.
  4. Skilled in Salesforce CPQ administration tasks such as user management and setting up email alerts to facilitate efficient workflow.
  5. Experienced in creating comprehensive documentation including test plans, business process modeling, and quality assurance activities.
  6. Ensure system functionality and user satisfaction through thorough testing and validation of Salesforce CPQ configurations.
  7. Maintain alignment with business requirements and objectives while configuring Salesforce CPQ solutions.
  8. Support ongoing improvement initiatives by identifying opportunities for process enhancement and optimization within Salesforce CPQ.
  9. Provide training and support to end-users on Salesforce CPQ functionalities to maximize adoption and effectiveness.
  10. Adhere to best practices and industry standards in Salesforce CPQ implementation and administration to ensure system integrity and performance.

Software Engineer

Wipro | May  2017- May 2021
  1. Proficient in implementing Salesforce.com platform requirements and utilizing Force.com IDE with Visual Studio Code.
  2. Extensive experience in documentation practices, Agile methodologies, and client interaction management through Jira.
  3. Skilled in developing custom objects, fields, workflows, and process builder rules within Salesforce.com.
  4. Capable of integrating Salesforce.com with third-party systems using REST and SOAP APIs.
  5. Strong involvement in development and deployment using Salesforce DX (Developer Experience) across multiple Salesforce clouds and components.
  6. Ensures efficient project execution and delivery by leveraging Salesforce DX tools and methodologies.
  7. Adheres to best practices in Salesforce development to maintain system integrity and scalability.
  8. Collaborates effectively with cross-functional teams to gather requirements and deliver robust Salesforce solutions.
  9. Provides technical expertise and support during all phases of the project lifecycle, from requirements gathering to deployment.
  10. Maintains alignment with business objectives and goals while implementing Salesforce solutions to meet client needs

Software Engineer

Utsah Software Solutions Pvt Ltd | Jul  2015- Jul 2017
  1. Proficiently implemented Salesforce.com requirements using Force.com IDE with Eclipse.
  2. Focused on custom object creation, workflow rules, and Apex development to meet business needs.
  3. Developed Visualforce pages, controllers, triggers, and custom classes for robust reporting functionalities.
  4. Contributed across the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including requirement analysis, design, coding, and deployment.
  5. Specialized in data migration tasks within Salesforce environments and Salesforce-to-Salesforce integrations.
  6. Implemented security models and best practices to ensure data integrity and user access controls.
  7. Collaborated with stakeholders to gather requirements and translate them into technical solutions.
  8. Conducted thorough testing and debugging to ensure high-quality Salesforce implementations.
  9. Provided ongoing support and maintenance for Salesforce solutions post-deployment.
  10. Continuously updated skills and knowledge in Salesforce development to incorporate best practices and new features
"Mukesh Pal - Senior Salesforce Consultant with 8 years of experience in Salesforce CRM applications

Mukesh Pal

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Experience: 8 Years


Salesforce.Com CRM Administration Service Community and Sales Cloud FLS CPQ (Steel Brick) Spanning tool ServiceNow Data Loader Workbench Visual Studio code Change Set Workbench Salesforce DX


Master of Business Administration (Narsee Monjee Institute Of Management Studies, Mum) - 2022