Salesforce Marketing Cloud professional with 16+ years of specializing in administration, Contact Builder, Content Builder, and campaign execution in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Skilled in API integration, SDLC/STLC, JIRA, and manual testing.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud/ Technical Lead

Girikon Solution Pvt. Ltd. | Sep  2021- Present
  1. Develops 'Cloud page Website' using Cloud page tool and Server-Side JavaScript
  2. Integrates Data extension functionalities and Marketing Cloud Platform functions
  3. Utilizes Rest API for enhanced functionality
  4. Manages data extraction and performs email volume analysis
  5. Creates templates, landing pages, survey forms, and support ticket forms in Web Studio
  6. Customizes Data extension Fields and views with SQL queries
  7. Automates business processes with Automation Studio Activities
  8. Designs Multistep Journeys in Journey Builder

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist

Tek-Einstein Pvt Ltd. | Jun  2021- Jun 2021
  1. Developed Journeys, Automation Studio workflows, and Email campaigns tailored to client specifications
  2. Set up Mobile Connect and Push messages in SFMC
  3. Integrated SFMC accounts with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  4. Validated databases using test cases
  5. Created and linked various data extensions to campaigns
  6. Scheduled and verified automations
  7. Created SMS campaigns using Short Codes

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer

CoreNet Web-Technology | Jul  2016- Jul 2021
  1. Guided customers through Salesforce Marketing Cloud setup and campaign execution
  2. Provided SQL and HTML support for customer needs
  3. Configured and administered accounts, filters, and users
  4. Designed and implemented Marketing Cloud platform features
  5. Analyzed campaign performance and managed email sends and automation
  6. Led webMethods migration from version 5.0 to 6.5
  7. Installed, configured, and migrated over 50 interfaces
  8. Configured Integration Server, Broker, and JDBC Adapters
  9. Developed FLOW and Java Services to support migration
  10. Developed scripting and Integrating Components for Publishing and Subscribing Documents
  11. Conducted testing and handled administrative tasks like user group management and package migration

Marketing Cloud Developer

Various Project | Jul  2006- Jul 2016
  1. Managed WebMethods migration to version 6.5, including installation and configuration
  2. Oversaw migration of over 50 interfaces from version 5.0 to 6.5
  3. Configured Integration Server, Broker, and JDBC Adapters
  4. Developed FLOW and Java services to replace deprecated services
  5. Created scripting for document publishing and subscribing
  6. Conducted end-to-end and performance testing for migrated interfaces
  7. Performed administrative tasks across multiple environments
  8. Implemented error handling routines using webMethods Developer 6.5
Rajneesh - Salesforce Marketing Cloud / Technical Lead with 16 years of experience in Salesforce


Salesforce Marketing Cloud / Technical Lead

Experience: 16 Years


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